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26May 2014

Tips to Improve Social Presence for Businesses

Social Media presence is a very important factor for every business these days. Most customers look at online presence, reviews, website and a lot of other factors before deciding on a company. A company’s reputations is purely decided based on online standing these days, which is directly proportional to Social Media presence. So, here are few ways to improve your Social Media presence.

Though there are many social media sites, not all have equal leverage or reputation. Understanding the key platforms and increasing your popularity on those platforms is important. Alongside, you should also concentrate on other social sites for wider coverage. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are considered most important, followed by Twitter, Google+, etc.

In Facebook, having a page along does not make it count. You must have good activity, good following, good number of likes and two-way communication on the page. This is very important and that’s what customers look at before choosing your company. However, when you start off your Facebook page, you are not going to get people flocking to it and liking it! A good idea will be to buy Facebook likes to improve your numbers.

So, can any Facebook like seller work? Absolutely not! You need to buy likes from sellers who offer real and related likes, so the number of likes and also, the activity will increase simultaneously. Besides, the likes should not be added all in a bunch but slowly. For that, only a seller who sells real FB likes would be beneficial. Because, you invest in likes not only for numbers, but also because you want to win customers. When you buy Facebook likes, it is important to check these parameters.

Next, step is to buy Instagram followers. Like mentioned earlier, Instagram is the next most important platform you must work on. Social media is a platform where users communicate with one another. For real recognition in Social sites, you must have interesting and useful content at regular intervals. However, even with all that, getting followers could take time. Who has the patience or the motivation to push through till then? If you buy Instagram followers, both these issues would be taken care of. However, as mentioned for FB, Instagram followers should be chosen from reliable sellers. Once the numbers are up, customers will follow shortly.

Besides these two major sites, concentrate on other platforms and create a following. Ensure regular updates and messages are posted and draw your customers to participate. Irrespective of what you do on your social pages, without two-way interaction, it will add very less value to your reputation. So even if you buy Facebook likes, or buy Instagram followers, you will still need to follow the traditional route to build the page and get customers to interact with you.

Conducting polls, asking for customer feedback, contests and there are many more ways to get your customers speak up for you in Social Media. Without changing according to the current trends, it might be difficult to put up with competition. In short, cyber-equip yourself and your business to survive the modern era and changing trends.

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