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Why Buy Facebook Fans?

Potential Facebook Fans“Do you have a Facebook account?” is generally amongst the first few questions you probably ask someone or they ask you! This is not just for individuals, but also for businesses. Being on Facebook is the current norm and increasingly more people are biting the bait! After all, it is one of the most popular social networks and boasts the largest and most active user base. With increasingly more users deciding based on a firm’s social profile and activity, it is a must that firms not only have a social presence, but also have a commendable fan following! Though there are many who frown the idea, here a few reasons for buying Facebook fans.


Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular social networks, and every other day their user base is on the rise. Though majority of Facebook users are teens, adults also use Facebook. Online shopping has also become popular and many users are taking to social platforms to raise their concerns with a business. According to a survey, most online and offline purchase decisions are based on social presence, online reviews and referrals. If that’s the case, potential customers are becoming internet savvy and want to be associated with a brand that cares for it’s customers. Are you one of them?


If you are wondering how buying Facebook fans will help the cause, the number of fans is one of the most important criteria used by potential customers to decide your credibility. The more the fans you have on your business page, potential customers are inclined to trust you. While some check on the fan activity, not all do. Besides, as long as you have stuff going on the page and there are good number of fans and followers, it will be sufficient to attract potential customers. You can then build your fan base through the activities on your page.


Of course, when you buy Facebook fans they will not likely interact with your business page. So, how do you solve this? To start with, not all fans you buy are bots or fake profiles.  We are one of the few firms that that promises and provides targeted and real fans for a business page. Try identifying such individuals or firms for your requirement and buy Facebook fans targeted for your business. These fans could be geo-targeted and also, interested in your business. As long as you are ready to spend a few extra dollars, you will get real fans to your page.


Besides, when you kickstart your Facebook marketing campaign, your business page will likely be empty. It will take a while before your customers find you and like you. However, you can’t wait till you get fans and followers, can you? You need to keep doing your thing like updating the page with messages, conducting polls, competitions or surveys, etc. Without any numbers out there, you are likely to be frustrated. Moreover, with an empty page, customers will also take a while before they get involved. To motivate yourself and more importantly, to motivate potential customers to chime in, buying Facebook fans seems to be the way to go!

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