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Why Buy Facebook Likes?

Why Buy Facebook Likes?Today, Social Media is the hottest platform for both established and budding businesses. Social Media has become very important for a brand to engage with customers and promote their brand to a larger customer base. However, many want to know how buying likes really works and if at all the investment is worth doing.


Let’s take a look what are Facebook likes and why it matters so much. Facebook is one of the most popular social networks where both individuals and brands are actively engaging in. Most consumers now decide about a firm based on their social media popularity and presence. Having that as a benchmark is what drives brands to create their social profile in Facebook and also promote it with zest. However, when a Facebook page is created, it becomes popular with the likes and visits it gets. The more popular the page is with fans and members, the more likely it is to catch attention of potential customers. Determining the popularity of a page is done based on the likes, followers and comments. With more likes, the ranking and popularity of the page elevates. For this reason, brands strive to get more likes and buy Facebook likes.


Any page would love to build in popularity and gain fans and likes. However, with the current crowd out there, it is quite difficult to wait for results. Instead, buying Facebook likes to elevate the page’s popularity and then build fans based on that seems to be a better deal. However simple it sounds, it isn’t that simple and one be wary of the fact that Facebook does not officially approve buying likes, though it does not really mind it that much! Though it’s a good idea to buy Facebook likes, it is important to know how to buy and where or how not to buy, to remain in good books with Facebook.


To start with, there are many firms and individuals who sell facebook likes. It is a good idea to go with firms or individuals who offer valuable and real likes. Yes, while buying Facebook likes seems like the way to go, you should ensure you are only buying targeted and real likes, as that is what can truly help build brand value. For that to occur, the likes should be from real people who are interested in the brand and interact in the brand page. When fake likes are purchased, they add no value and the ratio of likes vs. fans activity will come down and adversely hit the engagement metrics of the brand. That will send red flags to facebook and a ban or suspicious flagging is likely.  This is sure to get your brand slapped and on the wrong side of Facebook! Even if the cost is higher, it is worth to pay for real likes.


Another important aspect when you buy facebook likes is that, the number of likes should be added not in random succession, but with adequate timeframe between them. Only then, they will look real and add to the engagement metrics and rating of a brand page. When these two things are taken care of when buying facebook likes, and when the brand takes efforts to make their page interesting, their Facebook page will return useable convertible traffic!

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